Wolf Creek Utah - The Mountain

Grooming Report

Beginner Trails O C G S
 Bayot's Boulevard O   G  
 Cub's Camp O   G  
 Moose Merge O   G  
 Oh My Heck O   G  
Intermediate Trails O C G S
 Aspen Chute   C    
 Lobo Lane   C    
 Lone Deer   C    
 Meadow Park O   G  
 Moose Run O   G  
 Night Owl O   G  
 Red Fox   C    
 Red Tail O   G  
 Wandering Wolf O   G  
Expert Trails O C G S
 Cougar Canyon   C    
 Dyer Straits   C    
 Ecker's Roll   C    
 Hawkin's Hole O   G  
 Chainsaw Willy O   G  
 Lower Barney's Way O   G  
 Upper Barney's Way   C    
 Wile E. Coyote   C    
Wolf's Lair Terrain Park
Beginner Line O
Intermediate Line O
Rails 6
Boxes 2
Jumps NO
Howling Wolf O
Wolfdeedo O
Cub's Carpet O
Wolf Lair O
Easier   More Difficult  Most Difficult
Key: O = Open, C = Closed, G = Groomed, S = Snowmaking

Be aware of changing skiing conditions due to weather and skier traffic. Routine maintenance, skier demand and severe weather may affect normal conditions for lifts and slopes. Read this report carefully and consult it daily.

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