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Visit for the time of your life. Stay for a lifetime of memories.

Here in one of nature’s most breathtaking year-round playgrounds, the fun never stops until you do. Wolf Creek Utah has all the facilities, staff, amenities, and toys to make sure you squeeze as much excitement as you can handle into every day and night.

From night skiing on our own Wolf Creek Utah Ski Resort, to 18 holes of spectacular championship golf, the possibilities for adventure here are as endless as this vast landscape.

Discover how so much open space can bring you so much closer together.

The real beauty of Wolf Creek Utah for families is it draws you closer to nature – and each other. Through shared family experiences we can help you kindle, you’ll get to know the great outdoors and each other a whole lot better – creating unforgettable moments that are sure to turn a first visit into a lasting family tradition.

Bring your family and experience the lasting relationships that are built at Wolf Creek Utah.


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